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Hadean GalaxyLore

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Introduction to the Hadean Galaxy

The Hadean Galaxy is a prison which mankind has been banished to by beings beyond our understanding.

This galaxy is approximately one thousand light-years across and contains just over one hundred thousand stars. Humans have been confined here for thousands of years and in that time we have colonized each quadrant and become a true galactic civilization.

We have made new virtual planes of existence on supercomputers the size of stars and even discovered another plane of reality within our minds — the Mental Plane.

However, these accomplishments were not driven by the indomitable nature of man, nor any noble desire for exploration. Rather, they occurred due to a complex mix of toxic forces: differences among various interest groups, corporate greed, technological advancements, and the ever-present dissatisfaction with governance.

These forces caused mankind to split along every division line possible. And while all these divided governments worked together under the supervision of an Elder Council in a new governmental structure called the Intergalactic Coalition, they could not be more at odds with each other.

Despite all these worlds coming together under one umbrella, there are massive disparities between them as well. Individuals on some wealthier worlds have more riches than several poor worlds combined. There are some planets where the average lifespan is just fifty years and others where it can stretch well beyond the five hundred year mark, even making it to the maximum lifespan of one thousand years. Of course, each world is subject to its own local laws, customs, and environment.

There are entire sectors of the Galaxy ruled by women, racial purists, religious zealots, and many more. And after countless years of living under different conditions on strange planets, genetic manipulation, and technological advances, many humans no longer look human, looking more like alien creatures of fiction.

But of all the disparities within the Galaxy, there is none so great as that of the knowledge of the Divine Tongue.

The Divine Tongue is a language taught to mankind by the very beings that evicted them from Earth. This mysterious language appears as a strange combination of numerical values, symbols, and signs. To speak it, a person has to sacrifice some of their life force.

This means that the Divine Tongue has a direct link to a newly discovered form of energy called spirit energy. Yet, this energy was the “first force”, the base blocks of all creation.

It exists within all of us, the force that animates life itself.

Many men are willing to use the Divine Tongue despite its risks to a person’s life energy since the language speaks to the very nature of the universe. With it, a person could impose their will upon reality.

But this language is known only by an elite few who take up positions as monarchs over the Intergalactic Coalition. These Elders are, for all intents and purposes, gods among men. Their power was unmatched until the appearance of this galaxy's greatest threat - or perhaps it's saviours. IDOL, a new crop of spirit users whose power dwarfs even that of the Elders.

This small introduction to the Hadean Galaxy will form the backdrop for a vast range of stories to come, all culminating with the return of the powerful beings mentioned at the start. If you're into science fiction, romance, cosmic horror, thriller, detective-type stories with strange and twisted elements of a mature nature, then join us on our journey into this new, mysterious galaxy!

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